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PO Box 13908, Netanya, 42374 Israel

Phone: 972-9-8850029, Fax: 972-9-8850033

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact page.

Banking Details

Checks Made payable to Beit Asaph, please send to the mailing address above. 

The donations are not tax deductible in the US.  

Bank Transfers Bank: Union Bank of Israel Ltd Poleg  Branch # 095
Address: Giborei Israel, New Industrial Area, Netanya 42504
Swift Code: UNBKILIT
IBAN : IL970130950000047620058
Beneficiary name: Messianic Congregation Beit Asaph
Account # 476200/58 

For US Tax Deductible donations:
please make checks payable to: "Christians for World Peace"
Send to:  PO Box 3300, Joplin, MO 64803 (CWP 501.C.3 status)

Please specify that the funds are for Beit Asaph.


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Our Leadership

Beit Asaph is presently served by Evan Thomas and Lev Guler as co-equal elders supported by a team of three deacons. Evan and his wife Maala immigrated to Israel from New Zealand in 1983 and have one daughter. Lev and his wife Ora immigrated to Israel from Russia in 1994 and are parents to 5 children.


Evan Thomas: "We are cognizant of the enormous responsibility we carry to challenge our Israeli society with a clear message of God's salvation (Rom 10:14). We provide a safe and nurturing 'spiritual home' for those who would seek to be His disciples – a warm welcome! Come worship with us!"

Lev Guler: "What a privilege it is to serve God's people in this extraordinary land and to see our people grow up in Messianic faith as followers of God (Deut 6:7). We want to encourage them to be witnesses of Yeshua in a way that is relevant to our Israeli Jewish society and beyond – come join us in the task!"

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible, consisting exclusively of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments (Hebrew: Tanach and Brit Hachadasha), was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit, was inerrant in the original manuscripts, was then and is today the authoritative Word of God, alone infallible in all matters of faith and doctrine; God’s complete and final revelation to man until the Messiah returns.

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Our friends

House of Light – Kings Kids youth outreach with Arab and Jewish kids & Prison ministries http://www.houseoflight.net
KAMTI – Classical Music  arts outreach.  www.kamti.org.
Israel College of the Bible– National Messianic education institute. http://www.biblecollege.co.il
Netivah – National youth ministries, training seminars, Messianic soldiers ministry. www.netivah.com
Musalaha – National  reconciliation ministries, Palestinian Arab Christian/ Israeli  Messianic. http://www.musalaha.org

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