The safest place to be in: the will of God

The safest place to be in: the will of God
Before they closed the borders in Uganda, the Israeli consul in Uganda urged all Israelis to return Israel as soon as they can, because of the uncertain situation.
A thought crossed my my mind – should I go back to Israel?
But then God reminded me that the safest place to be is in His will, and God put me here now.
I’m thankful to God for the privilege of going through this time of crisis together with the Ugandan people. It’s a privilege to support, pray, encourage, stay with the even when it’s hard, go through the storm together….

Shutdown continues
A few days ago when the 21-day shutdown expired, the Prime-Minister of Uganda extended the shutdown for 21 more days, until the May 5th.

Update from last month:
Mansur group
In the beginning of March a group of 4 young people arrived here – 2 of them from Israel and 2 from Australia. I joined them. We made a good progress with the school building, and they also made some videos for fundraising.

With the Mansur’s group at Alfreds graduation.

At Alfred’s
I stayed with Alfred and his wife Betty for 2 weeks. In the afternoons I spent a lot of time with their young 3-year old son Ebeneezer. During these 2 weeks I visited the nearby school, spent time in all the different classes (1st grad – 7th grade). I learned a lot about the education in Uganda, noticed the challenges and difficulties, exchanged ideas and experiences with the teachers, and also had a good conversation with the principal of the school regarding his duty at the school and the various challenges.

Staying with Liz
Right before the shutdown I came to visit Liz my friend and her family and stay over for a few days (or so I thought), but found myself staying for over a month after all, due to the shutdown.
I’m having a blessed time with the family. I’m learning lots of things: cooking over the fire, washing clothes by hand, building stuff for the home, language, day-to-day life.

Prayer requests:
There are 20 more days for the shutdown.
Many families in Uganda are having lack of food because of the shutdown. The government is giving out food but there are still lots of families in need.
Pray that the little food that the people have would increase and would be sufficient for them for the time-being.

I’d appreciate prayers for guidance and wisdom to know what I should be doing during the current times. How to bless others? How to help? How to meet people’s needs?

Happy Passover & Shabbat shalom!