Update from Lev

Shalom dear Friends of Beit Asaph community,
We thank you for supporting us at this special time. We also want to encourage you, knowing that you need support and wisdom from the Lord these days as well.
Here I would like to update you about our situation.  

 As you know our government responded in a timely manner to the danger of the spreading of the COVID-19 virus among the population. Since March 15, a state of emergency (quarantine) has been sated in the country. Borders, education system, economic and religious activities closed and restrictions on travel, trade, and social gatherings increased daily. Because of the closure of the labor market, many in the country lost their jobs and ended up on unemployment benefits. Many elderly people, being at risk for life, were forced to stay in their homes for several weeks. 

 As all public sector also all gatherings of messianic communities in the country (include ours) were canceled and our general services were not held from March 15.  

 However we are NOT powerless! We have been called for such a time as this to be “salt and light” as Yeshua has taught us.   

 The Beit Asaph community continued to function in new conditions. Using technological capabilities, people communicated via social media coupled with finding creative ways of conducting virtual prayer meetings. Sermons, prayers, worship and simply words of encouragement were regularly recorded, translated from Hebrew to English and Russian languages ​​and laid out for members of the community. 

 For many, as for me, there was a unique opportunity to take special care of elderly parents, of families of new immigrants, single mothers or simply lonely elderly people. During this time, we were able to help many families’ especially single parents. In general, I want to say that none of those in need was left without attention and support.  

  Back to normal life: 

 Today, the country is on the way of back to normal life with the gradual opening of the economy and religious activities. 

 Like others today we make first steps in the month of June gradually return to our worship services as well.  

 The first three services have already taken place after quarantine, with a constant increase in those present. Together we celebrated the Shavuot (Pentecost) holiday, and on the last Shabbat we held our first traditional readings from the Torah scroll. 

   Please continue to pray for the restoration of our common worship ministries, ministry with teens, ministry with children, and ministry of home groups. Please pray for the return of the Country and our messianic community as well to healthy living conditions without fear, panic and stress. 


 Especially in difficult times, we feel that God is faithful and cares for his children. Two joyful events have occurred in our community during the difficult two last months. The first event is the birth on Easter days of a new baby girl named NoyaThis simple event common in normal times was a great joy from God for the community in these difficult times. 

  The second is the wedding of a young couple, which took place despite all the difficulties.  


With respect and gratitude in the Lord 

Pastor Lev Guler on behalf of the Beit Asaph community.