Uganda update – 3 month, 2 dresses, 1 Bible

3 month
2 dresses
1 Bible

When Jesus sent his disciples, He said to them not to take a bag or two pairs of clothes…I also learned this lesson lately.
As you remember, I came to visit my friend Leez for a week, and I’m here already 3 month with two dresses that I wash every day and change ? The joy in simplicity!
There are also no mirrors here. In my previous visits to Uganda I remember that the kids were excited to see themselfs in the camera. For some of them it was the first time they saw themselfs. ?
About my clothes. The kids are wearing the same cothes and before when I was changing clothes regularly, the kids had  hard time recognizing me. In their eyes the clothes define you…it’s crazy!
For someone like me, who came from a selfie, self centering and focusing on how you look  generation, this was a powerful experience to be free and focus more on my surrounding. To open up my heart and eyes, to look outside of me and not only inside…

So what I did in this past 3 month? I’m using every opportunity to bless the people around me…

#On Sundays the neigbors children come to “church” in our backyard. We’ve started with 10 kids and now we have more than 30. From time to time the number grows. We are dividing them to groups, because of the restriction on gatherings.

# Learning and teaching hand craft in the village. One day I went to a local shop to buy things and on the way I saw an older lady sitting and making mats out of palm branches. I asked her if she will be willing to teach me? She agreed happily, and so I set with her several times to learn how make the mats…on my way home I saw a younger woman braiding a bag from the same material; the palm branches. I set with her and showed her what I just learned to do with the branches.
We’ve exchanged expiriences, I tought her how to make mats and she tought me how to make bags. From here to there, few women asked me to teach then diffrent hand craft.
Tgis is a huge privilege for me to sit with diffrent women in the village to teach and to learn hand craft, to hear their stories, to encourage and to pray with them. I’m thankful to God for this wonderful privilege!

# Regular work around the house. I’m improving my cooking skills on the fire and washing by hand…

# Encouraging and building relationships with the staff of Leez and her husband’s
NGO. They are mainly training teachers, runing a private school and sunday school. Things that so close to my heart. So I’m here so far.