Half a year in Uganda

Today, half a year I’m living in Uganda, the pearl of Africa!!!
New experiences, new culture, new dress code: only dresses and skirts, new food menu, new world view, new friends, new connections, horizon expansion, long distance relationships with family and friends, thankful for zoom and whatsapp,
corona, blockade, change of plans, recalculating route…

Life in African village, cooking on fire, outdoor bucket showers, head lamp, mosquito net every night, children shooting “muzungo bye”, fliplops all year long, life out of the suitcase without a closet or mirors. Washing by hand.

Not always easy, but I love my life in Africa, love the beautiful people, the rich culture, love African rhythm, music and dance, colorful clothes, love the life in the nature, closeness to the soil, green everywhere.
Love the challenge and the adventure, love my confidence in God on a more deeper level. Love the ability to appreciate the little things, getting excited about picking fresh vegetables from the garden. I love the simplicity and the joy!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the encouragement and prayers, and thank you especially to my Ugandian family, without you this would have been impossible, I NEED you! Thank you for your hospitality and your friendship, I appreciate it very much!