Final Updates from Miriam-Uganda 2020

Hello friends

I returned to Israel to visit in mid-October:

* Two weeks of isolation – I did the isolation at my parents’ new house in Netanya, to which they moved six months ago. Quality time with my mom who works from home. During this time I learned from her to sew in a sewing machine (my mother has been a professional seamstress since the age of 16). It was exciting to continue this family legacy and I also discovered that my great grandfather was also a professional seamstress, probably it is in my blood. I was happy to learn another skill that I can pass on and teach machine sewing to women in Uganda.

Also the isolation was a good time to think, digest, look at the year and calculate God’s blessings in that special year.

* Time with family – I have not seen my family in the last year. This is a very special opportunity to spend time with them. Especially with my sweet nephew Lior who is one and a half years old … I last saw him when he was six months old, a real baby but now he is a little boy. Although I have seen him grow and develop in pictures and videos but it is completely different to really get to know him in reality and his character, so special and exciting!

* Traveling in our beautiful country, meeting friends and sharing about God’s work in Uganda and the mission year I had. Because of corona constraints it is not possible to speak in congregations but it is rather special to meet people in person or in home groups and share about the experience I had this year and the wonderful work of our God in Uganda.

So if I have not yet met with you I would be very happy to do so, feel free to write me in private and we will arrange a meeting.

What are the plans?

* I am currently working on arranging some things in terms of how my accounts are conducted in an orderly manner in Israel and Uganda, I would love to pray for wisdom on how to do things in an orderly manner in terms of taxes and brokerage.

* Plans to return to Uganda for another year in January. One of my friends in Uganda wrote to me: “Miriam, we know Uganda is your new home, so know that we are waiting for you at home for Christmas.” Wow what an exciting one! I definitely miss my friends in Uganda!

Thank you so much for your support and prayer