Project : “Permanent community center”

Among the many lessons we, the Beit Asaph community have learnt, is how vulnerable to outside circumstances we are without a permanent community center. For the first two months of the war, we were unable to gather as a whole congregation. Whatever was available could not provide adequate shelter in the case of a missile attack. Everything else was providing shelter for evacuees from the southern towns and cities. We also learnt how much more we could accomplish among the multitudes of needy if we had a community center of our own to work from.

During the month of December, our two pastors, Evan and Lev, began to research possibilities of purchasing floor space in a strategic location in the center of our city, Netanya. We found the ideal place! Immediately we began negotiations with the owner and preparations with our congregational members, from whom we have received a full vote of confidence and sufficient finances to make the 15% downpayment.

This announcement is intended, however, as a ‘taster.’ In the coming days we will send to those of you who have yet to receive it, an introductory appeal letter and attached, the “Project Proposal.”

Meanwhile, we ask you to pray and ask the Lord for the wisdom and grace to know how to respond.

Some of you may be asking, “Yes, but what about the finances needed for war relief?” Here is our opportunity to report that the generosity of the international Body and you, in particular, has been overwhelming! All that you have sent, is being spent! And we still have some reserve for the weeks ahead! Thanks to every individual and every congregation who have provided the means by partnering with us. It has been a joy to witness the mobilisation of the Body in such strength of purpose!

We send this with our love and sincere gratitude for all your efforts on our behalf and on behalf of God’s Kingdom in Israel!

Evan and Lev