About us – ‘the Living Stones’…

Beit Asaph is an Israeli congregation strongly connected to the national Messianic “mainstream” in many vital areas of ministry, including service to our youth and soldiers, biblical education and reconciliation initiatives.

Beit Asaph was established in the late 1970’s with the consolidation of two Bible study/ prayer groups led by David and Lisa Loden and Pat and Judy Hoaldridge.

During the early 80’s the congregation began to express a clear local identity with consistent biblical teaching, celebration and interaction with the small number of Messianic communities throughout Israel.

The congregation consists of approximately 200 committed believers and seekers, is predominantly Jewish in identity and has a diverse makeup of “Tsaberim” (native born Israelis) as well as Russian, English, Spanish and Amharic speaking immigrants. Our primary worship language is Hebrew with translation provided into both Russian and English. A system of language-specific home groups provides support and ease for congregants to study and fellowship in smaller groups in their mother tongue. These groups are effective ‘evangelistic stations’ where seekers can comfortably integrate into Messianic life and belief before committing to the general Body. Approximately 45% of the congregation is under 18 years of age. We provide a comprehensive spiritual education system for our children and youth. Although challenging, this presents many opportunities for people to become involved in different areas of work in the Shabbat School and youth ministry.

We train local people to live as effective disciples of Messiah building loving and sincere communities of faith. We uphold the Tenach (Old Testament) and the Brit Hadasha (New Testament) as our ultimage authority for life teaching our congregants to be “salt and light” in Israeli society and beyond.