Updates from the Pastors

Our Precious Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

Time again to check in and provide you with a range of prayer subjects, some that are very encouraging and some that you will find disturbing. Given the continuing circumstances we all live under as a result of the Corona virus, we are drawn to the Prophets for insight. Their messages to their original audiences are all-too-relevant for society and to the Body of Messiah. Hence the following quote from Joel 3:14-16…

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

The sun and the moon will be darkened, and the stars no longer shine.

The Lord will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem; the earth and the heavens will tremble.

But the Lord will be a refuge for his people, a stronghold for the people of Israel.”

On the National Front: The Israeli government continues to function well both at domestic and international levels. Rather than draconian measures to force people to vaccinate against their will, the government has brought in large quantities of medications to alleviate the symptoms of the non-vaccinated who contract Covid. They have also greatly increased the number of ECMO life support systems for the critically ill, the vast majority of whom are from the non-vaccinated sector.

We are happy for the continuing successes by our foreign ministry as they rebuild relationships damaged by previous administrations and strengthen ties with neighboring governments previously hostile to Israel. We firmly believe these successes are in keeping with Israel’s call to be “a light to the nations,” however temporary this may prove to be…

Of deep concern, however, is the threat presented by Iran’s race to produce weapons-grade uranium, while doing all they can to support of extremist groups hell-bent on making the world unsafe. [Issues for prayer]

Rather than end this section on ‘a note of fear,’ we would once again refer you to the Prophet Joel…a very interesting read! The first half of the oracle is ‘doom and gloom’ followed by the inevitable call to national repentance (2:12), followed by the Lord’s answer and redemption (2:18) and judgement of the nations that caused harm to Israel.

In these redemptive passages we find some encouraging passages including those that speak of the autumn rains that we are right now desperately waiting for. [Prayer item]

The ‘ploughing’ has been done in the month of Tishri (the month of our High Holy days) and now in the month of Heshvan we are ready to sow the wheat and barley seed – the key ingredients for bread, the ‘staff of life.’ We will leave you to ponder the symbolism that Yeshua regularly uses to speak of his kingdom…

Congregational life:  We continue to maneuver our way around Covid regulations as best we can, to enable Shabbat services on a monthly basis. As a religious gathering we can meet with up to 50 people without requiring a “Green Pass.” For meetings over 50 we have to adhere to Covid Restriction Criteria:

a) having received all three inoculations or

b) having recovered from Covid in the past 6 months or

c) having tested negative on a PCR test no longer than 48 hours before the event.)

As such, our Life-group system as our primary means of congregational life is proving to be very successful. Nevertheless, the monthly Shabbat service is an integral part of the vision when we can meet face-to-face in larger gatherings. In these we preach the Word (rather than in-depth Bible discussions), lift our voices and hearts in corporate worship and enjoy our liturgical traditions and conduct rites of passage events like baby dedications.

This past Shabbat, October 09 – we gathered once again at the Israel College of the Bible facility and despite being light in numbers because of the “Green Pass” restrictions we had a glorious time!

A highlight for us was dedicating our newest member of Beit Asaph, Josef – my assistant’s first child!

Vision that became real activity:

In order to meet a big need of learning the Bible and fellowship for our children, we prayed about it and the Lord gave us a vision to open the “Children’s Club” project, separate from the Sabbath services of the entire community and open as a ministry dedicated exclusively to children.

 How the ministry takes place: Regularly, we gather all children aged 6 to 12 for 2.5 hours of club lessons in the evening after school.

Classes are taught by parents trained by us, youth after the army and teenagers help in organizing. Helping to serve the club helps young leaders to grow to be a leader.

Classes include worship time with music, joint prayer, Bible lesson according to a specific program, joint dinner, crafts according to the topic of the lesson, games, communication.

Children and their parents love the club very much and we see good fruits of blessing in families.

We ask you to support us in prayer so that we have the opportunity to expand our ministry, for appropriate facility, transportation and all ministers and helpers.

The Bible Club for our children and our weekly youth activities are flourishing as is our growing women’s ministry. We are super grateful to our neighbors; Rivka and her team at the Ethiopian congregation and Pastor Roman in Caesarea who have opened their facilities to Beit Asaph for our activities. Together with Israel College of the Bible we are well-catered for without having the huge expense of maintaining a large worship facility of our own! And all the while we are able to foster strong relationships and unity in the broader Believing community.

The National Body: We are deeply grieved by regular reports and calls for prayer from various parts of the country. Our intention here is to rally prayer for the local congregations, both Jewish and Arab. Corona and government policy has split the Body terribly. The vax/anti-vax issue is dividing families, congregations and the nation. We are bombarded with so much confusing information and fear-mongering and of course the inevitable governmental policy of pushing vaccination as hard as possible while employers increase pressure on employees to comply. All these things and more are making congregational life and pastoral work very challenging. We are witnessing a ‘falling away’ from fellowship life in many parts of the Believing community and some congregations showing significant signs of disintegrating…even those that have previously been very stable and impactful in their regions. Please make this a major priority in prayer.

All love and blessings to you all,

Evan and Maala and Lev and Ora

Updates from the Pastors

Our Precious Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

“Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.” Revelations 21:1-3

It is not usual for us for us to choose biblical texts that are directed towards ‘end times’ but perhaps not surprising, given the circumstances we have all been living in during the past 16 months. Up until six months ago I used to laugh when our daughter would say, “Abba we need to prepare for the Apocalypse.” We no longer laugh as we face yet another new wave of the Corona pandemic, suffer war and threats from our enemies, experience civil unrest and racial tensions internally. Of course we keep an eye on international affairs as well. Travel in and out of Israel remains highly restricted and we hear frightening news from friends in many parts of Europe suffering extraordinary flooding. May God help us all!

Our big concern on the health front that warrants your prayers is the arrival of the ‘delta variant’ of Covid-19 that is highly contagious, makes people very sick and is seemingly undeterred by the Pfizer vaccine so many of us have had in Israel. Already the vaccine’s efficacy rate here has dropped from 94% only a few months ago, to 64%. Those of us in the upper age-bracket are once again having to be extra careful.

On a personal front, Maala and I have just completed a broad range of medical tests and are comforted by very positive results. We are careful to keep a healthy lifestyle to counter our stressful vocation and high level of people-contact. Nevertheless we would cover your prayers for us and for our pastoral colleagues, Lev and Ora. We all need a summer break and a change of scenery. Right now though, our new government is closely monitoring the alarming rise in national Covid-19 statistics. This week will once again see limits placed on gatherings. Are we headed towards another “lockdown” or are we simply going to have to learn to live with this virus in the community? Those sorts of decisions of course have enormous political ramifications, dangers to health notwithstanding.

We have a new government! Most of the country is very grateful to see a change of leadership and a ‘unity government’ of broad diversity. Despite initial concerns about its ability to function (you know the saying, “three Israelis in the same room – five opinions and just as many political parties!”) Although it is still ‘early days’ they are off to a good start. Diplomatic bridges have already been repaired with some key partners and on the home front civil tensions are slowly easing and some important social reforms are ‘on the table.’ As followers of Yeshua, we don’t have to agree with the policies of our governments but we do have a responsibility to pray for our leaders! Please pray for PM Naftali Bennet and his Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and their cabinet of ministers,

ranging politically from the center right to the far left and with the strongest contingent of highly capable women that Israel has ever seen. It is most unusual for us to place so much emphasis on politics in our prayer report. But the past two years of poor leadership in Israel literally placed our nation at risk. It is not surprising that we are overjoyed at seeing political stability restored, given the current circumstances we live under.

Beit Asaph Update: We are thrilled toreport that we conducted our first full service after 16 months! It was a glorious celebration with 150 adults and a full quota of kids in attendance. Asher and his worship team had practiced hard during the course of the week. It was great seeing our daughter, Sara, and Lev’s son, David and his wife Polina, on the team.

I (Evan) worked all week on a message based on the Book of Nehemiah, drawing many parallels from the text to the current situation in both Israel and in the national Body of Messiah (see photo).

Israel College of the Bible (ICB) kindly opened their facility to Beit Asaph and this week we will be sitting with their leadership to negotiate the terms for a regular arrangement. Our hope is to conduct a celebration service at the College once a month. Please pray for favor in our negotiations.

Meanwhile our youth enjoy their weekly meetings at the local Ethiopian congregational facility and our Children’s Bible Club is now well established at the facility of a Russian-speaking congregation in Caesarea. We sense that God is well-pleased at this cooperation between local ministries. Our training/ prayer center and administration office at Beit Itzak are serving us well and several of the new Life-groups are conducting weekly meetings there.

We are delighted to report that we now have 15 Life-groups established, the newest being a group made up of serving soldiers and those who have been recently released from the I.D.F. Please pray for Michael, Asher and Hodiyya as they help the group establish roles and responsibilities. Like most of the Life-groups they have adopted the method of systematic study through Books of the Bible, beginning with the Gospel of Matthew. This is a great place to begin to help the members rediscover who Yeshua is and how His kingdom functions. As we regularly visit the groups, it’s interesting to hear how each one draws relevance from the text, depending on the relative ages and cultural backgrounds. These pastoral visits help us assess where the needs are for further training – in group facilitation or how to prepare and facilitate an effective Bible discussion.

Both Lev and Evan find this kind of pastoral work far more rewarding and personal than the inordinate time previously spent each week preparing for the weekly Shabbat services. The reforms require us all to be far more flexible and mobile but succeeding to train our congregants and develop ministry skills and confidence among many, makes it all worth it. Please keep us in your prayers…

Missions: a brief word about Miriam (Uganda) and Elyakim (Japan):

Miriam has recovered from a bout of Corona virus that she contracted while travelling to Kampala to renew her visa. She is now out with the team she has helped train doing mission outreach among the refugee camps that surround the base on the Sudanese border.

Elyakim assists the local congregation in worship during services and during the week functions as a kindergarten teacher for local children. He is gifted in languages (six to-date) and has plans to learn Korean. At every opportunity he is out on the streets of Osaka sharing the Gospel with all who will listen!

David (my assistant) is currently putting finishing touches to the team of Yad b’Yad 1.0 – the youth mission to Nuremburg in early August. This initiative needs your prayers. It has been a nightmare trying to recruit as you can well imagine. Hence the team is smaller than usual and will limit its activities to Germany rather than the usual travel to Poland and Auschwitz. There will be much to be done around Nuremburg, however, and they will visit the concentration camp museum of Buchenwald. Hopefully flight restrictions won’t cause cancellations…

With the cancellation for the second year running of the Yad b’Yad 2.0 mission initiative for young adults we have decided to bring the Israeli team together for a weekend retreat in Newe Shalom in the Judean foothills. This will provide continuity and give us the chance to pray for one another and an initiative next year, 2022.

Thank you all for persevering in prayer for us in Israel and in particular for the Beit Asaph community. We are so grateful for your interest and continued support. This is never taken for granted. We pray too for you that you remain healthy and strong in your faith.

In His service together,

Evan and Lev

Updates from the Pastors

May, 2021

Our Precious Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

He will call on me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.

With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Ps 91:14-16 NIV

If more than a year of pandemic that has severely disrupted our lives and left our nations reeling was not enough, here in Israel we are face-to-face with the reality of war yet again within our borders.

This report is primarily a call to you, all our prayer partners, to intercede for the nation and for our peoples. In addition, however, we will update you on the radical reforms we are leading the Beit Asaph community through – our successes and our challenges…

These past few days have seen a rapid escalation of deadly conflict, initially centered on our nation’s capital, Jerusalem, but has now spread as a result of rocket barrages from Gaza upon Jerusalem and our southern cities. Civil unrest is accelerating at an alarming rate in many of Israel’s Arab towns and cities. The IDF is retaliating with deadly force against targets in the Gaza strip and our police force is doing everything possible to quell the rioting. Your news broadcasts will be providing you with disturbing coverage. The reasons behind the present ‘nightmare’ are complex and highly subjective. Of course this wouldn’t be Israel without everybody having an opinion! Our task however, is to focus prayer into the situation.

I have just been interrupted in writing as sirens have started up. We are heading for the bomb shelter!

As I continue this morning it all seems a little surreal with the sounds of hammers and drills from a nearby building site and military aircraft patrolling overhead. Ben Gurion airport was closed last night so no civilian air traffic for the present. We are on a ‘war footing.’ Our son-in-law, Beni, remarked as we came out of the bomb shelter, that ironically the Corona year, 2020, was the quietest year (from a security perspective) in Israel’s modern history!

As Messianic and Christian community leaders, we have mobilized the local Body in prayer. Over the next 48 hours Beit Asaph Life-groups will be gathering physically or by Zoom and praying the following prayer: “We pray for ALL our peoples – for their physical and emotional safety, for the rapid restoration of peace and for consolation for all victims of the conflict, regardless of politics or national loyalties. We pray for our young men and women serving in Israel’s Defense Forces that they will do so in safety and with integrity.”

We are so very grateful for you all and for your willingness to stand with together with us in this call to prayer and intercession.

Beit Asaph Update: We apologize yet again for the long gap between reports (last one in January.) Maala and I and our pastoral colleagues, Lev and Ora, have been working non-stop leading the Beit Asaph community through radical reform.

Here are the steps we have taken: By the end of March we successfully ended the contract on the Beit Asaph facility and stripped it of all contents. We placed 30 cubes of essentials into storage with 24/7 access. We blessed four local congregations with a variety of furniture and even dismantled our stage for one of them. While shedding a few tears as we stepped away from our beautiful congregational facility of 21 years, we signed contract on a small center situated 5 minute’s-drive from Netanya. This center now provides us with a central administrative office, a dedicated prayer room plus a 20 sq meter seminar room for training and group meetings. We love it as it’s situated in a quiet rural setting just a 20 minute walk from our home. This facility is already being well-used and we are making good progress with our neighbors.

Our beloved Ethiopian Messianic friends have opened their hearts and facility to our Beit Asaph youth group for their weekly gatherings.

In parallel to these shifts and changes we now have 12 Life-groups established and operating successfully. Some of these are based on previously established ‘home groups’ but most are new. They are based on location of our members around the central Sharon Valley, and upon language preference. Still not all members are attending a Life-group yet and our hope is to establish another three in the very near future.

The Life-groups learn to operate by common agreement under the supervision of the pastors. They choose when to meet and in what homes. They manage the rotation of responsibilities for their meetings that are based on the four elements of Acts 2:42; “the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer.” The goal is that everybody has an opportunity to develop skills of facilitation in all of these areas, whether hosting or preparing the bible discussion. As pastoral couples we help with the first weeks of getting the groups stabilized and training in skills where there is a lack of confidence. Part of the process is encouraging the groups to focus on the systematic study of Scripture and most are somewhere in the Gospel of Matthew, being reminded of who Yeshua is, what he is, and how his kingdom operates.

As pastors it is wonderful to be so mobile and in contact with the community at a far deeper and personal level. We are finding that we have more time for discipleship and prayer while more and more members are actively engaged in community life and outreach. A recent development is a monthly “Worship in the Garden” at the home of two families who live in community. This provides a perfect opportunity to gather up to 50 people from several Life-groups to fellowship and worship and pray for one another and unite around the Lord’s Table. We hope this will reproduce itself in other locations in our area.

Two big challenges that we’d value your prayers for: a) to help members through their resistance to the changes. A significant number are deeply grieving the loss of their weekly Shabbat services “with the preaching and collective worship and all the things we have held precious and necessary for congregational life. Our intention nevertheless is to hold celebration services every few weeks, once the Corona restrictions lift sufficiently to make them possible again. However, we will not return to the model we once held to.

b) We also need prayer for the re-establishment of our ministry to children. The previous regimen of weekly Shabbat services provided the perfect opportunity to hold 40 minute classes and bible activities. During 2020 children especially suffered from real-time interaction. Now we have a responsibility to get this up-and-running and in fact make major improvements. Ora right now is working on the model and the logistics required to make it work. She would so value your prayers!

Please note: The Corona pandemic was NOT the reason we are making these changes. But it certainly got us thinking! Got us praying! Got us moving! We look forward to sharing some great testimonies with you in the next couple of months…

You are loved and appreciated,

Evan and Lev

Updates from the Pastors

January 2021

“Sacrifice thank offerings to God,

Fulfill your vows to the Most High,

And call on me in the day of trouble;

I will deliver you, and you will honor me.

Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me

And to the blameless I will show my salvation.”

Psalm 50:14, 15, 23

Precious Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua the Messiah, These verses from Psalm 50 are among many that teach us about two key emphasizes for us, Yeshua’s followers, these same two points. Those of you receiving this in NZ or Australia may find it increasingly difficult to identify with those of our recipients in Scandinavia, Europe, the UK or the USA, or even with us here in Israel. Maala and I thank God daily for your relative safety “Down Under” with summer conditions and firm governance that keep the Covid-19 pandemic under control. This gives us enormous peace of mind.

Corona Update:

Here in the Northern Hemisphere the situation is dire. We are presently in the grip of winter with all its “bugs” and in many of our nations, less-than-satisfactory governance has greatly added to our distress. In Israel we are in the midst of our 3rd lockdown, which will be extended every two weeks while the daily statistics remain high. Currently new daily case statistics exceed 10,000 and January’s death toll is expected to exceed 1000. Increasingly, we know more and more people testing positive and this week three of our families are in quarantine with the virus having been brought in by their children from kindergarten and primary school. We realize that for many of you the vaccination issue is extremely controversial and the Body and society is divided (also here in Israel.) To date over 2 million Israeli citizens, including Maala and I, have received their first inoculation; this is followed by a second, three weeks later. Tests indicate a 95% effectiveness two weeks after this second booster shot. Approximately 150-170,000 people are being vaccinated daily as more virulent strains of the virus emerge. Please pray for the health of our nation. Because international tourism is one of our primary industries, the Israeli economy is severely stretched. It is heart-breaking to see so many businesses closed. Our political scene adds to the national distress as we face a fourth round of elections in the coming months. With the PM facing criminal charges if he loses and many new parties emerging, outcomes are impossible to predict. Please pray for strong, resolute and righteous leadership.

Beit Asaph Update:

As we reported in our October newsletter, our first task upon our return home was to do a full evaluation of the congregation. This required phone calls to every home and daily elders meetings. As indicated, most of the community were keeping the faith and actively finding creative ways to fellowship. One of the greater concerns was the spiritual well-being of our large numbers of small children and youth. To our joy we discovered that parents of young ones were taking responsibility for their children, praying and having bible lessons with them and arranging field trips with other families. What a relief and answer to prayer. But in reality, since early March last year, Shabbat services have been limited to four gatherings in July with only 50 people each time following the protocols of wearing face masks, temperature checks at the door and seating 2 meters apart. This hiatus was short-lived, and we had to resort to virtual meetings with YouTube worship and messages and Zoom prayer meetings. Over time, however, interest in using social platforms for larger groups has waned, and we have had to rely more on our home-groups to provide physical fellowship and social interaction. Smaller groups seem to work good, and we thank God for the internet; we cannot imagine the situation should this privilege be taken from us? What does the near future hold? Evan and Lev’s interaction with other pastors around the nation, in both Jewish and Arab communities, shows a general trend of finding creative ways of keeping connected with their flocks. Some are live-streaming services and conducting prayer meetings and bible studies via Zoom.

In Beit Asaph we have decided to be pro-active. Our ‘reading of the signs’ indicate no end in sight and in fact our sense is that the situation will worsen here over the coming months. The pandemic and all its political and economic implications may not be the only challenges ahead. As a result, we have begun a process to lead the congregation through a major paradigm shift, meaning shifting the emphasis from collective Shabbat services (impossible anyway under current conditions) as the primary life of the congregation, to a system of “Life-groups.” We would like to close the contract on our large facility and seek something much smaller and closer to the city center. This would serve as a multi-purpose community center – for prayer meetings and training seminars and an outreach hub.

Once collective gatherings are permitted, life-groups can meet together for intermittent celebration services. Our yearly calendar certainly allows for many such occasions, whether on special Shabbat or around the Feasts. But most important at this juncture is the development of the Life-groups and much effort has gone into their design and function. They will remain small (maximum of 10 members) and weekly meetings will contain the basic elements of worship, prayer, study of the Scriptures, and the Lord’s Table. As well as providing ‘life support’ for its members, a fundamental goal of each group is to reach out and grow and then create new groups. Pastoral work for Evan, Lev and other senior lay-workers will be focused on training and discipleship of facilitators and of course they will be far more mobile. Social media apps will support communication within the life-groups and more broadly as a congregational network. Fortunately, the circumstances of this past year has raised our skill-sets and the networks are well-established! Despite the current lockdown the groundwork is well underway. Zoom to pray and discuss the strategies for the Life-groups. Time is of an essence as we prepare to help people back into a fellowship framework .

Our main track – to find and establish a suitable community center is also being undertaken. Our plea to you all is to partner with us in prayer – so that we would be like the “Sons of Issachar who could wisely read the signs of the times and then know what to do!” Exciting times!

I believe we have provided you with considerable material for prayer. For those of you in NZ and Australia receiving this appeal please find time during your summer holidays to remember your brothers and sisters living in distress. And those of you living out your faith in the nations of the Northern Hemisphere and sharing in the distress of the raging pandemic, our hearts go out to you. Your brothers and sisters here in Israel pray for you and your communities. Be well, stay safe and above all, keep the faith!

Evan and Lev (for the Beit Asaph team)

Updates from Elyakim- Jewish Hanukkah in Japan 2020

Last week I had the chance to share with my kindergarten pupils about the wonderful holiday of Hanukkah. I was asked by the main teacher to share and explain about the story of Hanukkah.

 I really enjoyed letting kids know for the first time in their lives about God’s story of the Bible and how it relates with Jesus being the light of the world and how we can celebrate Jesus with Hanukkah.

 Hope you can enjoy the pictures and share it with brothers and sisters.

Shabbat shalom

Final Updates from Miriam-Uganda 2020

Hello friends

I returned to Israel to visit in mid-October:

* Two weeks of isolation – I did the isolation at my parents’ new house in Netanya, to which they moved six months ago. Quality time with my mom who works from home. During this time I learned from her to sew in a sewing machine (my mother has been a professional seamstress since the age of 16). It was exciting to continue this family legacy and I also discovered that my great grandfather was also a professional seamstress, probably it is in my blood. I was happy to learn another skill that I can pass on and teach machine sewing to women in Uganda.

Also the isolation was a good time to think, digest, look at the year and calculate God’s blessings in that special year.

* Time with family – I have not seen my family in the last year. This is a very special opportunity to spend time with them. Especially with my sweet nephew Lior who is one and a half years old … I last saw him when he was six months old, a real baby but now he is a little boy. Although I have seen him grow and develop in pictures and videos but it is completely different to really get to know him in reality and his character, so special and exciting!

* Traveling in our beautiful country, meeting friends and sharing about God’s work in Uganda and the mission year I had. Because of corona constraints it is not possible to speak in congregations but it is rather special to meet people in person or in home groups and share about the experience I had this year and the wonderful work of our God in Uganda.

So if I have not yet met with you I would be very happy to do so, feel free to write me in private and we will arrange a meeting.

What are the plans?

* I am currently working on arranging some things in terms of how my accounts are conducted in an orderly manner in Israel and Uganda, I would love to pray for wisdom on how to do things in an orderly manner in terms of taxes and brokerage.

* Plans to return to Uganda for another year in January. One of my friends in Uganda wrote to me: “Miriam, we know Uganda is your new home, so know that we are waiting for you at home for Christmas.” Wow what an exciting one! I definitely miss my friends in Uganda!

Thank you so much for your support and prayer

Prayer update November 2020

\ From Evan Thomas \

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the Land and enjoy safe pasture.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this:

He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn,

the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.” Psalm 37:3-6

What joy to be writing to you from my desk at our Beit Asaph worship facility in Netanya, Israel. There were many days during the past 9 months when we wondered WHEN we would be able to travel home from NZ and be reunited with Sara and Beni and our beloved community…

Brief overview: Lockdowns and restrictions on meeting forced all of us into conducting our services, prayer meetings, seminars and board meetings ‘virtually.’ In this way, being in Netanya or in Whakatane made little difference. Grateful for the internet, we were able to adjust and carry on. Our NZ evenings became our work time dedicated to connecting with congregants and colleagues during what was daytime in Israel. This freed up our NZ days to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand. 

Bring away for nine months made our time far more than a visit. The relationships we have enjoyed over many years deepened, especially with immediate family members and close friends. But this gift of time also gave us the opportunity to form new relationships and sharing our lives and the values of the Kingdom became a rich experience

Our arrival home was also such a blessing. Coming from NZ, which is a ‘Green country’ because of its success in managing the Corona virus, it was not necessary for us to go into quarantine for the usual 2 weeks. In addition, the second national lockdown was lifted the day we left New Zealand so it was straight home and into the loving arms of Beni and Sara with the fridge and cupboards well stocked in our little apartment that we had left in January, just newly renovated.

The picture in Israel: There is so much for us all  to pray about! Nationally, the situation is bleak. Poor management of the Corona virus during the summer resulted in record numbers of daily cases, overwhelmed hospitals and medical services and a high number of deaths directly attributed to the virus. The impact on the national economy has been frightful AND there is no end in sight. The numbers of local businesses closed is so disheartening and while the recent lockdown greatly reduced the daily cases of Corona it of course added to the economic crisis. Public demonstrations against the PM continue all over the country. The government here is in desperate need of your prayers!

Public cooperation in managing the crisis is ‘patchy’ at best. Covid-19 is still broadly within the community and numbers of local pastors and their families have been struck with the virus. This is an important matter for prayer as Arab churches and Messianic congregations need their leaders so much right now. This is particularly relevant as we are entering the season of the former rains, which announce winter is about to begin and viruses of all kinds become particularly virulent.

Focus and Priorities: In the short termBeit Asaph like all other worship communities around the country is in ‘emergency mode’. Our congregants are tired and frightened and under stress due to the added pressure of economic hardships. At this point, there is no indication when services (other than virtual) can resume – even with limited numbers and people are desperate for fellowship. 

We are grateful that some of our home-based groups are functioning and our youth have been meeting weekly since the lifting of the recent lockdown. We are delighted to be able to report that although we cannot have any form of “Shabbat school” for our children (up to the age of 12 years), parents have ‘stepped up’ and are providing spiritual input for their children at home. These same parents have provided the ‘backbone’ of the Shabbat school and in the past years and as such are skilled teachers. They are also taken much initiative to link up with other families (family: family) and using Shabbats to provide fellowship for their kids in nature.  

At least 30% of the congregation is needed to join to home group form of spiritual fellowship. Home groups and smaller specific prayer meetings will really help change this picture. Lev and Ora and Evan and Maala are taking this on as a project to change this picture. Please pray for this.

Our worship facilities remain largely idle apart from very small-scale activities. This is having a significant impact on income from tithes and offerings despite having systems like PayPal in place. A precious testimony from my colleague, Lev: a number of the brothers and sisters from our community had spoken together and invited him to pop around to their homes. They had been collecting their tithes but because they were used to giving them during Shabbat services, they had no way of giving. They were so full of joy at being able to be faithful when he called round on his way to the bank. Beautiful!

In the long term we must carefully consider our options and be creative in ways to encourage fellowship among the saints and outreach to the broader society. These are the big goals while at a specific level develop programs for our kids. We must find ways to utilize our expensive facilities while reminding our community of its financial responsibilities. These are not easy tasks in this present ‘climate.’ Each day as we perceive and understand the situation around us, the burden gets heavier. We need your prayers personally, congregationally and nationally perhaps more than ever!

We are so grateful for you all. We are also totally aware that you all have your own huge challenges to overcome. If you can spare us just a moment or two and uplift us in prayer, we would be so appreciative. We’d love to hear from you too. Please note the Gmail address at the beginning of this report.

In His service together,

Evan and Maala (for Beit Asaph)

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Updates about Elyakim activities in Japan.


Updates about Elyakim service in Japan.

… “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”    The Acts 1 : 8

  Already the fifth month began from the beginning of Elyakim’s stay in Japan.

  The Lord provided for him a ministry with children and worship in the church in the city of Osaka. There is some pictures with the pastor and children in this church.














 Elyakim plans to serve a full year in Japan. He is well advanced in the study of the language and local culture.

 It is a privilege for us to support a young brother from our community to serve in Japan.



 Please support him with prayer in his request for a missionary visa in Japan.

Prayer update July 2020

July 25, 2020

To Our Precious Brother and Sisters in Yeshua,

“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgement: In this world we are like Yeshua.”       I John 4:16, 17

  We chose these verses as a most appropriate greeting to you all. In this incredibly challenging season when nothing seems certain, it is important that we remind one another of the certainty of God’s love. Our lives have been disrupted by the Covid pandemic and there does not appear an end in sight. For times like these, the Apostle’s call to persevere needs to be a part of our daily conversation and prayer.

  It is now six months since Maala and I flew from Ben Gurion – first to Switzerland for service together with our Palestinian friends, Nihad and Salwa. As we parted none of us could have anticipated what was about to unfold. Our plans included a much-needed holiday, and continued with my writing, interspersed with visits and ministry to supportive churches. We were to be home by mid-April and back into a full schedule of weddings, both home and abroad, mission trips to Ethiopia and Germany, and of course our daily lives as local Israeli pastors. And yet here we are still in NZ living with the uncertainty of when we can return home…

  We sincerely apologize for not communicating with you sooner. For the past two months we have been on standby, thinking we would fly out with just a few days prior notice. There was even talk among Israeli Embassy officials of a rescue flight as had happened in several other countries, for stranded Israelis. We kept thinking our next communication to you would be from Israel. Our travel agents, both here and at home, keep reminding us ‘to sit tight’ and our daughter, Sara, reassures us daily not to risk the complex and uncertain flights that might get us home or leave us stranded somewhere with cancellations en-route.

  Our colleagues Lev and Ora, together with a broad team of young adults, have done a stellar job in our absence caring for the Beit Asaph community in Netanya and its surrounding settlements. Israel’s ‘lockdown period’ paralleled our own here in NZ but there with restrictions on gatherings more severe and prolonged. So priorities changed to caring for the needy and elderly, who are fearful and confused, and our young families who are faced with unemployment and mounting debts. Visits, wherever possible, to pray and encourage and deliver groceries became far more important than the enormous energy and resources required to maintain services.

  Our young people helped us upskill with computerized means of communication like “Zoom” and “Google Meet.” These and many other forms of social media enable us conduct a wide range of tasks from elders’ meetings and prayer forums to on-line services. Maala and I even managed to conduct a wedding by Zoom and live streaming for one of our young couples. That was an interesting exercise coordinating time zones between NZ (us officiating), Israel (location of the couple) and Holland (the bride’s family.)

  As “lockdown” unlocked, Israel attempted to reboot its severely damaged economy, while maintaining border restrictions and grounding its national airline. It looked promising for a while. Then like in many parts of the world, a second wave of the Carona virus has hit and this time even more severely. Today, Israel’s economy is in tatters with tens of thousands of businesses closed permanently and over 20% of the workforce unemployed. Our political leaders have not provided the strong and stable leadership required to cope with such conditions and have been found wanting. Recent comments from colleagues paint a picture of national sadness, anger and confusion. This past weekend tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated in the streets of Tel Aviv, fed up with regulations that have crushed the will of the people to persevere.

  And so we implore you to join us in prayer for our beloved but beleaguered nation. Maala and I mistakenly thought back in March that Israeli society would cope very well, given our track record in times of national crisis. However, an unseen enemy proved to be very different to visible enemies that could be dealt with through military means. Biblical history provides many examples of God allowing wars, plagues and tragedy, all part of the broken human condition, to bring us to our knees so we might look up to Him.

But there have also been multiple times when as a people we have shaken our fists in anger and turned our backs on God.

  So again we ask you to pray with us for Israel’s restoration – firstly, to turn back to Eloheinu and to seek His face in an attitude of humility and seeking forgiveness. We love the well-known verses found in II Chronicles 6: 22–42, that speak deeply and clearly into our nation’s present situation. The context of these verses is King Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the Temple he has built for God. These verses also contain an exhortation specifically for God-fearers from among the nations in your responsibility towards Israel in times of crisis.

  Please also pray for the Body of Messiah in the Land – both Jewish and Arab and also the multitudes of Gentiles affiliated with our communities. Many are ‘stuck,’ confused and suffering. As despair sets in, many are losing faith in their leaders. Most are hurting through the lack of social interaction we loosely call fellowship. And in some sectors of the Body, such as among West Bank Christians, the financial strain is extreme. With massive unemployment and little or no social welfare systems in place, thousands of families are struggling to feed their families let alone cover rents, etc. Maala and I are so grateful to our beloved “Philippus” supporters in Germany who have responded to our appeal for our Palestinian neighbors, with tens of thousands of Euros. These monies will literally put food on the table for so many.

  The West Bank and many Israeli cities are under lockdown as the virus spreads again. The impact on widespread mental health, let alone the economy is devastating. Please, please pray!!

This unique season has shown us how essential it is to dig into God’s Word and maintain a consistent devotional life. In so doing we rediscover the importance of our role as prayerful intercessors for our families, our respective communities and our nations. Despite a largely successful battle to suppress the pandemic nationally, we have been privy to some of the political and social issues that we find deeply troubling. This stirs us to pray each day.

  In September, NZ will hold general elections. The present government is in a very strong position, largely because of its handling of the pandemic. It is a very liberal government and this is reflected in its recent law-making. Full-term abortions are now legal and with the September elections two referendums will take place. One is to further liberalize the use of recreational marijuana and the second to legalize a person’s choice to end their own life. The latter is of course a ‘red flag’ for Jewish people as legalizing euthanasia in Nazi Germany provided the perfect justification for the “final solution.”

  Missions: We are continually in touch with Miriam who chose to remain in Uganda despite the pandemic. She is happy and proving to be very fruitful, especially amongst the myriads of children. We also have one of our young men from Beit Asaph, Elyakim, based with a local congregation just outside Kyoto, Japan. He too is working with small children and supporting the community with his skills as a worship leader and evangelist. Please keep these gifted young people in your prayers!


So lots to do and be, dear friends in this very special time. Let’s make the day count while it is still day. We’d love to hear from you and gain from your insights and personal experiences during the course of the year to date. We are so grateful for your continual support both for us and Beit Asaph. Please let us know how we can best serve you also.

  All our love and sincere appreciation,

 Evan and Maala


Prayer letter September 2019

September, 2019

Our Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (Yeshua’s prayer from John 17:20, 21)


What a summer it has been. Our temperatures have remained consistently in the 30’s Celsius, which has added stress to the tensions we feel politically and in areas of national security. The threat of war from the Iranian-backed Hezbollah across our northern border is constant as are missiles from Gaza into Israel. According to today’s news Israel is preparing for a wide-scale campaign in Gaza. These are terrible times and we thank you in advance for ‘standing in the gap’ for our nation.

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