Some of Our events this 2023

One day Philip said , ” Come and see ” John 1:46. We invite you to simply look at the aspects of our life in the community through photographs that speak for themselves.

This will help you continue to support us in your prayers, we sorely need.

May God bless you in all your doing for His glory,

With gratitude and respect , Evan and Lev

Some of Our events this 2022

Our Dear Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua Messiah,

Events are changing at an incredible speed this year. Today, we in Israel are facing a new challenge – a terrorist war on the streets of cities. As in any war, there are already victims and strong tension in society.

However, despite this harsh reality of this year, in which we are witnessing tragic events, first with a pandemic, then a war in Ukraine, the terrorist attacks in Israel today, we have inspiring and encouraging moments in the life of our community of Beit Asaph last few months.

Here some photos from our Shabbat services:

Women’s Prayer Conference:

Purim Celebration in Beit Asaphs-the Bible Feast of the Book of Esther :

Few words about our family conference:

Just a week before the war in Ukraine started, we managed our family conference, which were participated 24 families with children, around 60 people.

The conference held for three days in the north of the country of Israel and all the participants were very blessed. It was like a “breath of fresh air” for many after all the events of the past year. The conference was on the theme of “Five love languages”, which is especially relevant in our time.

Please enjoy with us for how Lord is faithful.

Let’s give him all the glory,

Pastors Lev & Evan