Updates from Miriam

Hi friends, few updates:
1. It has been a month since I arrived to Uganda, how time flies.
2. I’ve started teaching in a local kindergarten on tge mountain and it’s going well. I’m learning thr teaching system here and also bringing things from my own experience.
3. I came down from the mountain to the big city (Mbale) several times. It’s an hour drive from the mountain to the main road (by motorcycle) and another hour from their by taxi.
4. I thank God for His grace, as I’ve found a group of about 80 white people in the city. Most of them have been in a mission for several years. Last weekend I’ve met with few of the families and it was blessed and building!
5. In the end of the month an Israeli guy named Mantzor is coming with few friends. They want to make a short video about the school that we are building to raise money for building.

I love and miss you all ❤