Coronavirus in Uganda

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has come to Uganda. As of today, there is nearly a complete lockdown, no public transportation, general transportation is prohibited, and all businesses are closed except for selling food. The borders have been shut a while ago.

Two weeks ago, a day before they closed the borders, two airplanes from Dubai landed carrying 400 passengers. Since Dubai was not listed among the Corona “infected” countries, they weren’t checked, and they continued home. The very next, they discovered that 8 of the passengers on those flights had contracted Corona. The 400 passengers from the flights where scattered throughout Uganda and refuse to be checked. Within two weeks, the number of sick people grew from 1 to 33… In order to prevent the continued spreading of the virus, the government has prohibited all transportation, including that of personal vehicles.

People here are worried about the impending hunger/starvation. The minute they shut down all transportation and shops, that automatically sentenced hunger upon hundreds of thousands of families.

I just wanted to remind and highlight what you have: an abundance of food, running water and soap that are readily available, the personal toilet room you enjoy within the privacy of your own home, your ability to lock your doors at night and feel safe, the ability to receive medical treatment if (God forbid) you need it. There are millions of people who live without these things, and if things continue this way it will only get worse.

I’m writing this out of a sense of deep appreciation that I am safe and full, and out of a huge concern for my many friends here and for the rest of the local congregation (church). Simply appreciate what you have, and pray for those who have not.

I am well, and am in a safe place with friends of mine in Mokono. I thank God for the opportunity to spend this difficult time with the Ugandan people, praying, supporting, and encouraging them.