December 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For…” Isaiah 54:2

This scripture matches the image that Evan saw while praying with a number of Israeli pastors last week in anticipation of a group of senior Christian leaders from the Pacific nations joining us next week. We look forward to sharing fellowship with our brothers and sisters and seeking the Lord together.

The process of making and growing disciples continues at a steady place. Evan and Lev work one on one with a number of young adults and Maala meets and prays regularly with numbers of women between the ages of 16 and 60.

Israel’s Holy Days flew by in a blur with all the usual activities and celebrations mixed with a flurry of babies, baptisms, bar-mitzvahs, betrothals, engagements, and weddings. During the High Holy Days we also received large numbers of visitors from all over the world, some of whom came to explore ways their home congregations could help our Messianic community in man-power, prayer and finances. All of us are feeling a deep sense of urgency, as if we only have a “brief window of time” in our relative freedom to spread the Good News. According to our understanding of scripture, the window will then close followed by a season of severe persecution within the Land.

Following the Feasts we seem to have been busy jumping from one seminar, pastors’ retreat or conference to another and reconnecting with many leaders in the body. It has been a precious time for fellowship and renewal of relationships. The National Body has been from our perspective, active and fruitful!

We’d like to share wonderful news of a new local alliance we have formed as a result of encouragement from our Swiss brethren. This involves 7 Jewish and Arab pastors meeting regularly in pairs for prayer and mutual support and most recently for a gathering at our home in Netanya. We represent communities from Bethlehem, the Galilee, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Netanya. We are diverse in our backgrounds, representing a cross-section of the local Body of Christ: Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia, New Zealand, Russia, and South America . We are all devoted to the Messiah, to the proclamation of His message of salvation to Israel and the nations, and committed to one another and to the pursuit of unity in Yeshua.

Several of the youth and adult children of our respective congregations are already fully engaged for next year’s Yad b’Yad programs, which will also focus on Unity, Reconciliation and Mission. Please partner with us in prayer.

As we write this, we are in the midst of our Hanukkah celebrations, with the first Advent candle already lit in anticipation of Christmas. This is our season of light – let us remember our true source of light and worship Him, our Lord and Savior.

In His service together,

Evan and Lev (for Beit Asaph)