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It’s time for Africa!

In 2010 I went to Africa for the first time. During this trip, God placed a seed of love in my heart for Uganda. Since then I have been back to Uganda a total of four times. Now, after nearly 10 years of preparation (BA in Education, YWAM, IRIS), God is sending me back for a longer period.

In January 2020 I will move to the area of Bulambuli on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda (close to the Kenyan border). I will live with one of the families in the village that has no running water or electricity. I will learn the local language, culture, and participate in everyday village life. Additionally, I will teach in a kindergarten.

All of this is to show God’s love to those around me.

During one of my trips, God blessed me to have a heart for the people of Uganda. As you might know, most of the people in Africa can’t read the Bible but God has called us to be a “living letter of Christ” (2 Corinthians 3:2-6). My main goal: to be a living letter for others to witness Yeshua through my life, and help them understand that is also possible for them to have a personal relationship with God through Yeshua.



In Uganda I will be working with a local NGO called BIRD (Bulambuli Initiative for sustainable Rural Development). BIRD was established in 2008 by the local community living on Mountain Elgon to improve life in the village, to fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS, and to support the orphans who bear the burden of having family members lost to AIDS.

To support the orphans, two years ago we began building a school and skills center alongside an orphanage for the children. So far we have been able to build three classrooms and will continue building as additional resources become available. Our goal is to teach the younger children to read and write with the goal of learning to read the Bible, develop a personal relationship with Yeshua and know the ways of His kingdom.


The older children also receive practical skills and job training to help them with life after school. With that in mind, the school will also teach sewing and carpentry. They will also develop programs in outreach for the local community in areas of practical skill.






The Torah will come out of Zion and God’s word from Jerusalem.”

God called the Jewish people to be light to the nations and by God’s grace we have already been the modern nation of Israel for 70 years. During this time the body of believers has strengthened and matured. Our roots are now deep and strong enough to send people out on missions to share the good news. My ‘Sending Church’ is, Beit Asaph in Netanya and my Pastor Evan Thomas and his wife Maala Thomas will go to Uganda at the beginning of July to prepare the way for my arrival in January.


I invite you to be part of my journey as I share what God is doing in Israel and the world. I will need your support through both prayer and finances in order to enable this journey for missions.

Would you be willing to support me with a one-time gift or on-going assistance? I ask that your family will pray over this decision to seek guidance from the Lord and his wisdom. I must raise a total of $14,000 to sustain 1 full year of missionary work, wages, and programming funds.


If you seek additional information, I would be happy to answer any questions you have. I will update my supporters monthly through email or WhatsApp.

Please leave your email or phone contact if you personally would like to be a part of my journey in Uganda. I thank you ahead of time for your love and compassion.



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